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The purpose of this website is to serve as a tool for communicating with the homeowners and residents of the Villages at Sycamore Creek.  This will allow us to communicate future HOA meetings, events happening in Pickerington, FAQs for existing and new homeowners and much more.

This site is not currently the official HOA site for the Villages at Sycamore Creek.  The HOA for the Villages at Sycamore Creek (VSC) is currently in control of Pulte Homes of Ohio. Pulte has hired OMNI to manage the day to day governance of the HOA.  OMNI does not make any decisions for VSC without direction from Pulte.  A few years ago Pulte asked OMNI to find up to 5 volunteer representatives that are homeowners within VSC.  There are currently 4 volunteer representatives that are longtime VSC homeowners; Reba Jones, Judy Casmo, Corey Gibson and Rick Metzler.  None of the representatives have any voting rights or power regarding the HOA.

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Helpful Resources

Common HOA Violations and Solutions Common HOA Violations and Solutions
Sycamore Creek Covenants Conditions and Restrictions Sycamore Creek Covenants Conditions and Restrictions
Interactive Crime Tracking Reports Interactive Crime Tracking Reports
Police Department Vacation Check Police Department Vacation Check
City Code Enforcement City Code Enforcement
Find your home value Find your home value

VSC Pool

OMNI contracts with a pool manager to manage the pool. The pool manager maintains the chemical balance in the pool, hires their own lifeguard staff, etc.

The process to obtain a pool pass is managed by OMNI. Every year in late March or early April, OMNI sends out a letter telling homeowners that assessments are due. The letter also contains information on how to apply for the pool pass, and how to pick up your passes on several pickup dates prior to pool opening. If you miss the pickup dates, you can pick up the passes from OMNI’s offices, and lately, OMNI is offering to mail passes for an additional fee.  The instructions are very detailed and include all of this information, so please read the instructions carefully. The instructions do change slightly from year to year, so please make sure you are reading current year instructions.

OMNI Community Association

P.O. Box 395
Grove City, OH 43123
(614) 539-7726 ext. 219
Community Manager, Teena Carter (tcarter@omnihoa.com)

To contact OMNI, you can reach them through the OMNI website. Under the “Residents” tab, you’ll find links to the Help Desk and Caliber portal as well as the Design Review Approval information.

Help Desk Portal: As the name describes, this is where you can get help by asking questions.

Caliber Portal:  Pay your assessments online, view the balance sheet for assessments in and monies out, view VSC HOA deed restrictions, and more.

News & Events

Future Meetings

Expect the next meetings to scheduled around March or April of 2019

Rumpke Holiday Schedule

Rupke trash pick-up for our community is every Friday.  Collection time may vary during holiday weeks.View holiday schedule »

Community Events

Check out all of the City of Pickerington events on the calendar this yearRead More »

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need an HOA?

Our HOA fees help maintain the quality of life for this community and protect our property values.

Why is my annual assessment the amount that it is? What contributes to the cost?

Your lot assessment contributes to the beautifully landscaped pond and entrances at Busey, Carver, and Fairfield Drive. The VSC HOA owns almost 50 acres of common property (you can verify this information through the auditor’s website). All of that land requires mowing, landscaping, and weed treatment. Pond maintenance and pool maintenance are separate costs. Insurance to cover liability for all of the common property is also necessary to protect you financially. A fee is also paid to OMNI for their work. For a breakdown of money in and money out, log in to the Caliber portal to review the statement. A new statement is posted annually.

Does my annual assessment pay to maintain the empty lots owned by Pulte that are unsold to new buyers?

No. Those lots are owned by Pulte. Pulte pays to mow them and maintain them.

Does OMNI or Pulte request bids from other contractors to make sure we are paying fair price to the landscaper and the pool management company?

Yes. It is Pulte’s responsibility to instruct OMNI to obtain bids, which they currently do every 2-3 years.

Can I fish in the pond on Hill Rd and Fairfield Dr?

No activities like fishing, swimming, skating are allowed in the pond.   There are signs posted around the pond stating this.   The Pickerington Police are aware that if they are called they will enforce the rule.

While there is no wording in our deed saying “no fishing”, the drawing design for the neighborhood, incorporated into the restrictive covenants as exhibits, labels “recreational” areas (like the pool) and retention basins (the pond) separately. There is also a definition of recreational facilities in the deed restrictions and it does not include the pond. The pond is not labeled in the covenants as recreational because it was not designed to be recreational.

More importantly, “we” the HOA (not OMNI but those of us who own homes here) are not currently insured for allowing it to be used for recreational purposes; we’d have to pay more for liability insurance (and increase HOA fees) to allow it to be used for recreation.

I want to install all new landscaping in my front yard. Do I need to get approval for that?

Yes. You’ll need to request Design Review Approval to ensure your project meets standards.

I'm new to the neighborhood. How do I find out about the deed restrictions?

Congratulations on your new home! At the closing, you should have received a copy of the deed restrictions. You can also view a copy online here.

I need to pull out a dead bush. Do I need to get approval for that?


Why do I need to get design review approval for modifications to the exterior of my home?

The VSC HOA deed restrictions require it. One purpose of the approval process is to ensure you don’t waste money making an improvement that isn’t permitted. If you don’t get approval and it is later noticed that you have made a modification, you’ll be required to obtain the approval. If approval isn’t granted because you failed to follow guidelines, you may be required to make changes to the modification, which could end up costing you more time and money.

Can I build a shed?

No. Deed restrictions prohibit sheds.

Can I have a window air conditioning unit in my upstairs bedroom where it’s hotter in the summer?

Only if it’s in a window that doesn’t face the street. If you live on a corner lot, it can’t face the side or front street.

Can I have a garden?

Yes. But you will need to request Design Review Approval beforehand to ensure that your project meets standards.

Can I put up a swingset or eagle’s nest for my kids?

Yes. But you will need to request Design Review Approval beforehand to ensure that your project meets standards. Metal swing sets, as one example, are prohibited. There are also restrictions on where you can place the swingset in your yard.

I received a letter that said I was in violation and I won’t be able to get into compliance by the deadline stated in the letter. Can I get an extension of time to comply?

Most likely, yes. Please contact OMNI through the Help Desk portal and let them know you need additional time.

I received a letter that said I was in violation by having my trash cans sit in my driveway. Can I build something on the side of my house to mask the view?

Yes. But because the structure is an exterior modification, you’ll want to get design review approval first to ensure your project meets standards.
See common HOA violations/solutions

My mailbox needs replaced. Can I replace it with a plastic one?

No. It needs to be replaced with another of “like kind, design, and pattern” as the original mailbox. See common HOA violations/solutions

Is there a company I can hire who will replace the mailbox with a compliant one?

For a DIY job, you can find mailboxes at Contract Lumber. Remember, it must be “like kind, design, and pattern” as the original mailbox.

If you don’t want DIY, Cedar Craft out of Reynoldsburg is a company that knows what type of mailbox is compliant. All you need to do is tell them the neighborhood you live in, and they can look up what mailbox is compliant. Call Cedar Craft at (614) 759-1600 for visit rel=”noopener”>http://www.cedar-craft.com/ See common HOA violations/solutions

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