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This website is not affiliated with the official HOA. The Villages at Sycamore Creek/The Retreat at Sycamore Creek HOA is managed by OMNI, and this website is maintained by a homeowner and board member.

Here, you can find general HOA information provided by OMNI. Our decisions are made in coordination with OMNI. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for at, we recommend reaching out to OMNI directly for assistance.

Meet the Board

The Villages at Sycamore Creek is overseen by OMNI, although all decisions are ultimately made by the dedicated HOA board.

For the year 2024, the board members are Rick Metzler and Judy Casmo.

If you have any inquiries for a board member, simply fill out our contact form and we will promptly respond to you.


Annual Budget

The budgets for the Villages at Sycamore Creek and the Retreat at Sycamore Creek can be found in the OMNI Anywhere Portal.

Design Review Board

A Homeowners Association Design Review Board is an essential component of the Villages at Sycamore Creek community. The board ensures that all home improvements and modifications align with the community’s architectural standards. From exterior renovations to landscaping projects, the Design Review Board meticulously evaluates each proposal to maintain aesthetic standards and preserve property values.

You can find the design review board application in the OMNI Anywhere Portal


Why do we need an HOA?

Our HOA fees help maintain the quality of life for this community and protect our property values.

What does my annual fee pay for?

Your lot assessment contributes to the beautifully landscaped pond and entrances at Busey, Carver, and Fairfield Drive. The HOA owns almost 50 acres of common property (you can verify this information through the auditor’s website). All of that land requires mowing, landscaping, and weed treatment. Pond maintenance and pool maintenance are separate costs. Insurance to cover liability for all of the common property is also necessary to protect you financially. A fee is also paid to OMNI for their work. For a breakdown of money in and money out, log in to the OMNI Anywhere Portal to review the annual budget.

Does OMNI request bid proposals for contracts to make sure we are paying fair prices?

OMNI requests bids from multiple companies for landscaping, pool management, fountain/pond management, etc.  Once those bids are obtained, they are sent to the board for review and approval.

My mailbox needs replaced. Can I replace with any mailbox?

No. It needs to be replaced with another of “like kind, design, and pattern” as the original mailbox. One recommendation is to contact  They know what is required for our community and will even do the installation.

Can I build a shed?

No. Deed restrictions prohibit sheds.

TREES: I want to remove a tree that is along the street. Do I need approval?

The Deed Restrictions state the owner is responsible for maintaining the street tree next to their lot. With this also comes the responsibility of removing and replacing the street tree with a like-type species, at the owners’ expense, if it needs to be replaced. It is recommended any owner in the Villages at Sycamore Creek first contact the city and see if they are willing and or able to help before paying for a tree. The city has helped owners remove and replace trees in the past.

TREES: I want to remove a tree that is in my yard. Do I need approval?

Homeowners can remove any tree on their property without approval if the tree is removed and replaced at the same location as the original one. If the homeowner wants to install trees on new locations of the property, they must apply for approval. Trees must be far enough away from the property line of their neighbors to not be a nuisance at full maturity.

Do I need approval for new landscaping?

Yes. You’ll need to request Design Review Approval to ensure your project meets standards.

Can I install a swing set?

Yes. However, you will need to submit a Design Review Board application beforehand to ensure that your project meets standards. Metal swing sets, as one example, are prohibited. There are also restrictions on where you can place the swingset in your yard.

How do I find the deed restrictions?

You can find the deed restrictions in the OMNI Anywhere Portal

Can I build a garden?

Yes. But you will need to request Design Review Approval beforehand to ensure that your project meets standards.

I am doing remodeling. How long can I have a constructions dumpster in my driveway?

The rule basically states any vehicle (boats, trailers, dumpsters, campers etc.) is only allowed to be on the property for a total of 48 hours within any 30 day time period. However, as the rule states, this rule is not sustained when homeowners are doing construction work. So reasonable time periods are allowed during construction.  Please contact OMNI to get an extension.