Mold and Algae on Siding

If you have mold/algae on the side of your house, you can hire ia professional and have your house power washed.  Many in the community have used Shooters Softwash or CBUS Power Washing

If you want to do it yourself, there is a recommended product called Mold Armor that you can find at any local home improvement store or Amazon.  You can spray it on, wait for about 15-20 minutes and spray it off.

Mold Armor Demo

Mailbox Replacement

Mailboxes must be “like kind, design, and pattern” as the original mailbox.   The simple and quick solution is to contact Cedar Craft Products Inc.  They know the exact mailbox required for the neighborhood and will remove your old mailbox and replace it with a new one.

Of course you can also do-it-yourself as long as you purchase one that matches the original.

Mail Box Standards

Screening/Partitions for Garbage Cans

Your garbage can may not be left in front of your home due to an HOA and City code violation.  It also cannot be on the side of your home without a screening or partition to block the view from the front of the home.

Make sure you review the standards for the screening/partitions.  You also need to file an application and pay a fee to the HOA before any construction.

Screening/Partition Approval Design Review Board Application