Community Yard Sale

June 11 & 12, 2021, 9 AM-3 PM each day

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Each year, Villages at Sycamore Creek hold annual community-wide yard sales with the connecting neighborhoods like The Retreat, Sycamore Creek Condos, Preston Trails, Stonebridge.


Do I have to “sign up” with someone in the community to have a yard sale? No
Is someone advertising our community sale? Yes. The person coordinating the yard sales will advertise participating addresses online (craigslist, Facebook,,etc) and if you want your address to appear in these ads, then you can provide it to the coordinator and she will add you to the list.


How does my address appear in the list of participating sales? The coordinator adds a list of all participating addresses to a free website called  The link for our sale is then advertised all over social media, craigslist, and at signs at the major entrances into the neighborhood. Because this is a free website, we can only begin listing participating addresses 30 days prior to the start of our sales. So our link can only go “live” 30 days prior. NOTE: new addresses will be added frequently over the 30 day period, so check the link often for revisions all the way up until the day of the sales.


What about yard sale signs for street corners? The coordinator of the yard sales also puts up generic “community-wide” yard sale signs at the 5 major entrances into the neighborhoods. The link to find our list of participating homes is also on these signs.


Can I advertise my own sale online, or put up my own signs in the neighborhood for the community sale? Yes and yes. Feel free to make your own signs if you wish, but they shouldn’t be necessary if you add your address to the ad.


Does the City or HOA have guidelines about yard sale signs? The City does, the HOA* does not. The City has jurisdiction over signs you are placing in the right of ways, street corners, etc. Please follow the city guidelines or your signs could be removed by the city. Signs have also been thrown away by landscapers. You can get them back from the City as they do not discard them immediately; they store them behind their City building on Columbus Street. Contact the City Services & Utilities department if you want your signs back.  *There is an HOA deed restriction for signs but we don’t believe it applies to temporary yard sale signs.


Do I need to apply for a yard sale permit? No. The coordinator applies for one permit for the entire neighborhood; individual permits for each house is not necessary.